Posted by: jlhc | September 8, 2007

Origin of ‘Negaraku’……

Are you a Malaysian? Have you ever noticed that Malaysia’s national anthem is not original? From what we had learned in our History textbook, the national anthem, ‘Negaraku’ is chosen and taken from the Perak state anthem, ‘Terang Bulan’. It was handpicked by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the first prime minister of Malaysia.

However, have you ever noticed that actually the state anthem of Perak was not original also? The melody and some lyrics are actually taken from a popular Indonesian hits song at that time, also named ‘Terang Bulan’. But the lyrics are rather awkward and funny. Check it out:-

Terang bulan,
Terang bulan di kali,
Buaya timbul disangkalah mati.
Jangan percaya mulutlah lelaki,
Berani sumpah ‘tapi takut mati.
Jangan percaya mulutlah lelaki,
Berani sumpah ‘tapi takut mati.

I think it is rather cute as the lyrics says that “Jangan percaya mulutlah lelaki,
Berani sumpah ‘tapi takut mati.
“, which means “don’t believe in a man’s word, as they dare to promise, but are coward and are afraid to die, which indirectly means thay can’t keep their promises.

This is the video of the song, Terang Bulan:-

Actually, there are lots of versions of ‘Terang Bulan’ during that time, the version above is just one of the earliest version. There is another rock version of it. Enjoy it here:-

While we are enjoying the Indonesian song, we should have known that they aren’t fit to create the high standard and classy feeling of the melody. So they must have copied it from somewhere else also. At last, let the truth behold! The melody actually came from an American-Hawaiian Song, ‘Mamula Moon’. Are you excited about hearing the song ‘Mamula Moon’? Not to worry, I have it right here:-

Besides that, we also have the much controversial ‘NegaraKUKU’ which is now being monitored by the government, so I think it is inappropriate to post that video here. Anyway, there is a NEW VERSION of our national anthem, but it is edited by someone unknown on the web. This latest version is less sensitive compared to the former, but quite nice also. It has Mandarin and English subtitles:-

Before I end this entry, I have to clarify something first. I don’t intend to post this entry to stir up any sensitive issues or whatever. I am also not responsible for the content of the videos posted here, as I am not the creator of the videos. My intention is just to let every Malaysian know the truth of our Malaysian national anthem’s history.

Finally, EarthExplode.Org whishes Malaysia ‘Happy 50th Birthday!’

Malaysia – 1957 – Celebrating 50 Years of Nationhood – Malaysiaku Gemilang

Malacca High School – Estd 1826 – Celebrating 180 Years of Excellence – Meliora Hic Sequamor



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