Posted by: jlhc | September 18, 2007

Tiger Siblings – EarthExplode.Org Jokes

Long Long time ago, in the Tiger Kingdom lived a pair of siblings.
Both were blessed with some gifts.
Brother had a pair of eyes who could see a distance far far away
Sister had a pair of ears who could listen to anything
They grew up together and experienced happiness and sadness together.
They like to run to the hills to play. Brother would look at far away
countries and tell the sister the majestic view that he see. Sister
would listen to the beautiful sounds and describe for the brother.

As time goes by, brother and sister started to fall in love with each
other. They knew that it was wrong, but they could not control
themselves. They continued to love each other.

Alas, their parents found out about it. Father was very mad, mother was
very sad. The neighbours would point fingers at them and gossip about
them. Brother and sister were adamant about their love for each other.
To prove that they were truly in love with each other, Brother
destroyed his eyes and Sister destroyed her ears. They felt that
since they could not get the blessings, they did not want the gifts…

Long long after, a musician heard this beautiful love story and was
touched by it. He decided to compose a song for the lovers.
I came across this song and it touched my heart too. However, I did
not buy his CD, so I cannot share with you the lovely song.

I remembered the lyrics though, and will share with you how touching
this song is… enjoy..
(in chinese)

Liang zhi lao hu, Liang zhi lao hu (两只老虎,两只老虎)

Pao de kuai, pao de kaui (跑得快,跑得快)

Yi zhi mei you yan jing, yi zhi mei you er duo (一只没有眼睛,一只没有耳朵)

Zhen qi guai, zhen qi guai…. (真奇怪,真奇怪)

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